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Jack Beltane
Jack Beltane grew up in a suburban hell north of Cincinnati. After earning a degree in Creative Writing (Poetry) at college, he moved to a suburban hell near Cleveland to be with his wife. Jack believes in dreams, ghosts, and the therapeutic power of a good rock show. He scrapes by on what an English major can buy these days. Jack likes dogs best.

Jack's books are distributed electronically for Kindle and are available in print through Amazon.

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Books by Jack Beltane

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Memory turns things into dreams... It's hard later to pick apart where reality ends and romance takes over.

Jack Beltane writes stories about the interesting lives of ordinary people. At their core, his novels are about a skate rat who grew up, and what went down along the way. They are loosely based on actual events, though names, events, and timelines have been altered to blur the lines between truth and fiction.

The Toyland Tales

print ($20)
e-book ($3)

A Company of Tatters

print ($15)
e-book ($3)

Nightshade & Daylight

print ($6)
e-book ($2)

You Do Know Jack


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